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Now On YouTube!

In addition to writing novels, I also work as a social media professor for a marketing technology company, HubSpot. My entire site is built on HubSpot, actually, and I manage my mailing list and social media through the platform (although, note that for the average author it probably isn't the right choice price-wise, as it's meant for's a lucky perk of being an employee). 

What I do at HubSpot is develop social media lessons that are available for free, to anyone, at HubSpot Academy. I recently did lessons on Instagram and Facebook, and last year I developed an entire social media certification. 

I'm in the process of developing my next lesson, this time all about YouTube. And as part of that, I thought that it was high time that I began my own channel and started vlogging. I'll be sharing a new video at least once a week, and I hope you'll subscribe, like and let me know what you think.

I'll be talking books, food history, writing, chatting with fellow authors, and whatever else I think might be interesting. For a flavor, check out the first few videos: