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Ancient Rome – Podcast Style

Podcasts are all the rage these days, which in some ways surprises me as I used to write columns on mobile marketing ten years ago when “podvertising” was a new way to promote. When the stellar podcast, Serial, came along in 2014 everyone jumped back on the bandwagon. Fortunately, podcasting has come a long way and there are some fantastic, well-produced gems out there to set your ears upon. Also, if you need a better way to organize your podcasts, check out Overcast.

If you are interested in history and Ancient Rome (as I am), let me round up a few great ones to add to your repertoire:

The History of Rome
This is one of the most comprehensive and award-winning podcasts out there, now no longer being produced but that’s only because they reached the point, 179 podcasts later, when Rome fell. The podcaster, Mike Duncan, is already on to other historical things in his new podcast, Revolutions.  Wikipedia describes it thus: “THoR covers the time period from the origin of the Roman Kingdom to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, focusing on the most accepted chain of events according to historical consensus. The show is renowned for its concise style, historical depth, wit, and consistency.”  I’m winding my way through the episodes in the period where FEAST OF SORROW is set and I’m loving it.

History Extra
This podcast, produced in association with BBC History Magazine, isn’t just about ancient Rome. It covers all sorts of time periods across history, but you can still find a smattering of seriously excellent episodes about Caput Mundi.

When in Rome
An extremely well-done, newish podcast, Aussie Matt Smith interviews historians about the world of ancient Rome. Some of the topics covered so far have been fascinating looks at the Arch of Titus, the Colosseum and the Catholic Church, gladiators, the Temple of Peace and the garbage dump heap that is the Monte Testaccio.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome
Paul Vincent has been delivering this fantastic podcast for the last three years, taking listenings deep into the intersection of history and mythology. It’s been downloaded over one million times, so I think that Vincent’s success speaks for itself.

Impetuous Windmills – the Rome podcasts
This podcast, created by “two guys who like to argue about nerdy things but never manage to disagree,” Sagramore and Deprava, ended in July 2015 but there are still 50 excellent episodes for Rome lovers to enjoy.

Emperors of Rome
Rhiannon Evans, a lecturer in Ancient Mediterranean Studies at La Trobe University, is the creator of this podcast, which has topped iTunes University charts in the US and the UK. Matt Smith, mentioned above as the creator of the When in Rome podcast, is the producer and host. I’ve not yet listened to this but they spend some good time on Augustus and Tiberius, so I’m excited to dig in!